Helping physician leaders succeed

I am the rare physician with experience in the corporate world, private practice, academic medicine, and hospital administration. I understand leadership from the corporate, hospital, and physician sides.

I offer in-person and distance coaching for physician leaders at every stage of their careers.  I also offer workshops on communication and leadership essentials.

I am a physician with 27 years of corporate experience and 11 years of private and academic practice including five years of academic hospital leadership.

After residency, I did two years of general internal medicine and then joined the medical staff of Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance where I worked for 27 wonderful years. I loved my corporate leadership and medico-actuarial work. I left the corporate insurance world at age 60 to return to academia, where I now do half-time preventive cardiology for the medical college and half-time patient safety work for the hospital.

I knew I had learned a lot about leadership in my 27 years of corporate life, but it was not until I returned to academia that I saw how many leadership skills I had absorbed.   Today I look at the physicians thrust into leadership or corporate roles (be it a member of the infectious disease committee or the CMO) and wonder how they were supposed to survive let alone thrive.

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I wrote Effective Physician Leadership to help physicians quickly learn the necessary action steps that are essential for success. The book is neither theoretical nor academic. Think of it as an instruction manual or a field guide.

For example, do you know the steps necessary to solve a problem or plan a productive meeting? Do you know the common obstacles between where you are and success? Do you know why change leadership is so difficult and so likely to fail? Do you know the steps likely to increase the odds in favor of change?

Effective Physician Leadership is written so you can pick a chapter and zero in to the answers you need.

The book is scheduled to print in October 2017 and will be available for purchase shortly thereafter.

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